The Romance of the Arabian Horse… Arabitis. That condition whereby we meet an Arabian horse once, and our lives are changed forever.

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We all understand that the beauty of the Arabian horse is timeless. However, what we often fail to understand, especially in the beginning, is just how much the Arabian horse pushes deep, deep into our souls. And there, it nestles and stays. Forever. 

Part of The Arabian Magazine family, The Romance of the Arabian Horse is a blog dedicated to sharing those stories that make the Arabian world unique; that first horse, that first ride, meeting or breeding that horse of a lifetime, those myths that make the Arabian world such a magical one. Your story on how your dreams came true; my take on a farm when I sit, awed, at the end of the day, overwhelmed by what I have seen; that one horse that just looked at me, and I cried.

The Romance of the Arabian Horse celebrates all those real life stories that make us love the breed so much. We all know that the Arabian is the most versatile, intelligent and understanding of all the equine breeds. Please read on and enjoy the blog posts, the reality around the day to day lives that we spend with our beloved Arabian horses.

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