Celebrating the Breeders – The Royal Arabian Studs of Bahrain

This feature first appeared in The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine Spring Edition, April 2017. You can order your copy of this beautiful coffee-table book at The Arabian Magazine Shop. The response to The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine continues to be incredible, and breeders worldwide are getting in touch to share their stories. However, for those of us …

Nicole Kullen & the Magic of the Arabian Horse

There is something magical about just being with an Arabian. I have sat with all my mares through each of their foalings and it is so humbling to see a newborn encounter the world. I imprint the newborn foal as soon as they’re born from my electric wheelchair or from on the ground without my legs on and the strength of the bond I share with each of them is really important to me.

Lifelong Student of the Arabian Horse

Falling in love with the Arabian horse, my mother sold her grandmother’s wedding ring to buy her first Arabian, a gelding, from Van Vleet. She devoured every bit of information on the Arabian horse, reading, researching and studying. She built up a breeding programme of primarily Crabbet-bred horses, as she was a rider and horseman and wanted a horse that was functional as well as beautiful.