Stars of the UAE – Mozn Albidayer

Every now and then, once in a blue moon, the stars align, and the forces of nature come together to bring us something great. They are so powerful in their creation that we can only look on in wonder. This is what happened one morning in 2014 as the sun was just starting to rise on another serene day in Sharjah, the day when Mozn Albidayer was born.

The story of Mozn has been told many times through The Arabian Magazine, and those you who have followed this sparkling tale will know of the glory that has travelled with this incredible horse. But here, I will take you back to the beginning.

Mozn Albidayer was born tall, long-legged, and as elegant as a deer and as refined as any statue ever sculptured. Her dam, Mattaharii (Magnum Chall HVP x Belindaa) had foaled a few foals by Albidayer Stud’s lead sire Marajj (Marwan al Shaqab x RGA Kouress) before who had success, so it had already been noted that she was capable to produce greatness. In fact, Mayasah Albidayer was named French National Champion and the same year Mozn was born, she produced a glorious colt by AJ Dinar (WH Justice x Deske HJE), Masroor Albidayer. He never graced the show-ring until he was a four-year old as he was allowed to grow up and grey out, and then a series of top titles were waiting for him to collect. He continued his winning ways upon his sale as Abu Dhabi International Reserve Champion in 2020. Mattaharii herself was Reserve US National Champion Yearling Sweepstakes Filly, as well as a class winner in Scottsdale, and she was one of the first foals of the Brazilian-bred stallion Magnum Chall GVP (Magnum Psyche x Taamara HVP) to set the arenas on fire. Her dam, Belindaa (Mishaah x Bask Gazal), was also a special mare; again, long-legged and necky, and a Reserve Champion Yearling Sweepstakes Filly at the US Nationals and Reserve Canadian Futurity Filly, so the blood was there.

The decision to breed to the newly imported Psytadel (Padrons Psyche x Bint Bey Shah) son SMA Magic One (ex Majidah Bint Pacha) was somewhat of a risk as he had not produced an array of winners from his first foal crop, but with a better understanding of the value of bloodlines and with a little bit of luck, the following year, a whole host of superstars emerged to dominate the show-rings for Albidayer Stud. Weaning time was a treat that year as the foals came into the show barn and visitors fell over themselves as another door opened to reveal yet another beauty. Razan Albidayer (ex Qamar Albidayer), Sahir (ex San Jose Alfonsina), Raoud Albidayer (ex DL Marielle), and Mozn Albidayer were about to catapult Albidayer Stud to another level. Roaud, meaning thunder, and Mozn, meaning raincloud, are actually fictional characters from an Arabic series on television and are indeed lovers, so the genius behind Albidayer, the industry’s most amazing and good-hearted of owners Sheikh Mohammed bin Saud Al Qasimi, thought it was apt to include the names into his stable.

Mozn grew ever more beautiful over the next few months, greying out and with her bright pop of red hair setting her off as a hot-blooded woman. Always a strong character, her first months of training were taken slowly as she waited in the wings for her showing debut. The Ajman Arabian Horse Festival in early January has become known as the venue to showcase your future stars, so it seemed fitting to take her there. Razan Albidayer was already crowned Yearling Champion at the Local Bred Show in Sharjah some months before, so it now fell to her stablemate to take up the challenge. Going into that arena gave me goosebumps. Mozn left people breathless – her style, elegance and sheer wow factor had people once again falling in love. As she was honored with the unanimous Gold Yearling Filly Champion title, whispers were starting all over the world that a star had been born.

It had become clear that Albidayer team had something unique and the pressure had begun to grow. Mozn was saved for Dubai International Championships so as to not overshow her as Europe was calling. Again, she floored the competition and another host of admirers were added to her ever evolving list as she stood centre stage in the arena, wearing her Gold garland from another Championship. Leaving on a plane a few weeks later, Europe was about to see what all the fuss was about. Gold in Chantilly, Silver in Aachen and Bronze in Paris, Mozn had been adored and mesmerised so many at every turn. Now, with the world’s best handlers wanting Mozn in their barns, she was off again – this time, America.

The true artist of the show-ring, Michael Byatt, took the lead and another continent looked on with eager eyes to see this incredible filly up close and personal. Never once did she disappoint and added more Gold titles to her already unbelievable portfolio. Las Vegas and US National Champion honours proclaimed her excellence. Mozn’s three-year old year saw her mature and fill out into the new benchmark of the breed and from the most delicate of flowers, her beauty rained down on all. Menton, Aachen and Paris saw her standing undefeated; a dream had become reality, and reality had become a dream for her ever-delighted team of people. The world was hers and no one deserved to be crowned World Champion more than Mozn Albidayer.

I have been so privileged to be a small part of her story and tears pricked my eyes as she came home after a year of being a horse turned out in the tranquility of the meadows in Europe to claim her second Dubai International Gold Championship with Tom Schoukens. In a year such as this with adverse conditions, it is these rare glimpses of wonder, the emotions that come with every decision, and out of the ordinary comes the extraordinary.

This is a story of one horse who touched the hearts of so many. First, the desert cradled this most precious of jewels and now I think we can all say ‘thank you’ to Mozn Albidayer, you truly are a gift from god. Mashallah.

Photo credits: Erwin Escher, Rob Hess, Gregor Aymar, Gigi Grasso, Renato Sorvilo, Claire, Stuart Vesty, Suzanne

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